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Moving Company Review: Your Out Of State Movers

If you’ve done an online search to find an interstate moving company, you’ve probably come to realize there are a ton of options out there and many different companies competing with each other. That is actually a good thing! It does mean you’ll have to put in some work to find a good company sometimes, but it also means you can play them off each other to get the best services and the best price.


This review will take a look at one of the leading state-to-state movers,, which is considered among the most affordable moving companies with their level of experience. We’ll examine some of their primary moving services, including interstate moving services, packing and storage and the residential and commercial moving options they have available.


Interstate Moving – Interstate moving, or moving between two states, is something that not every moving company is qualified to do since some states require operating authority in order to move certain types of cargo (home moving being one of them). With you can arrange for moving services to or from any location in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.


Residential & Commercial – Included in the options offered by are both residential and commercial relocation services. They offer home moving services for individuals, families, renters, homeowners and for any type of dwelling, but they also have moving services available for businesses, educational institutions, government offices, nonprofits and professional organizations. Their commercial moving services include the following:

  • Transport glassware & lab equipment
  • Moving collections and libraries
  • Office equipment and electronics moving
  • Furniture disassembly & reassembly
  • Recycling of electronics & computer equipment
  • Archives and records transfer
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Fine art moving & crating services


Packing & Storage – Timing is a big part of moving and that sometimes means that you’ll need some help with packing, or even temporary storage while you’re getting acclimated to a new neighborhood and living space. has storage facilities available in or near most major cities. They also have package deals available for most services, which means you won’t have to pay an arm and leg if you need any extra or premium services like additional insurance, storage, packing, or express moving.

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