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Organizing your office relocation

Office relocation Planning


Planning to relocate your office calls for different priorities than a house removal, the main concern being that there is minimum disturbance to everyday business operations. Offices will generally have more bulky and valuable goods to move, making it all the more necessary that the moving company you hire has adequate experience in specifically office removals. It is highly important that the move is well executed so that the employees do not have any trouble getting back to business in the new office, otherwise the repercussions for the business will be severe. This is why you give enough time – at least 3 months – to the planning and preparation process. Here is a step wise guide on how to go about it.


Three Months Ahead

  • Pick a date for moving that gives you enough time to organize it.
    Preferably a weekend or one with a bank holiday to give you additional time to settle in.
  • Get a list of office removals services that come recommended and ask them to conduct a pre-move survey of your business premises before they give a quote. Before you choose a cheap removals quote, make sure the firm has received commendable references from past clients.
  • If you have special equipments and workstations, confirm with the firm that they are competent to manage moving them.
  • Plan how things will be laid out in the new office floor. Visit the new space and take measurements to
    make sure everything will fit, then devise a floor plan accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that you will need to leave moving space for chairs to move, drawers to open and shelves to be accessed.
    Consult other employees on the floor plan and brainstorm other alternatives.
  • Arrange for utilities services such as electricity and internet to be available at your new office as soon as you move in.
  • Give the council and other building societies notice regarding your move.


Three Weeks Ahead

  • Give the utilities companies notice to discontinue service in the present location. Inform the local post office to redirect all business mails and bills to the new address.
  • When you have settled on the final floor plan, send a copy of that to each of your employees.
    Give the removals company several copies of the layout to distribute among their crew members. Make sure the new office building has a copy of the layout stuck on each notice board so that the employees can refer to it.
  • Make an assessment of the furniture and equipment stock and clearly mark out those that need not be transported.
  • Make sure the staff is aware of their responsibilities in the move – moving files, packing their drawers, etc.
  • Hire a computer technician, if you do not have one already, to help with disconnecting and reconnecting the network.
  • Inform your staff about the parking arrangements in the new area and allocate them necessary permits.


On the day of the move

  • Since you will have a lot of people moving in and out of the building, you might want to hold back your security staff and a few others at the old premise to look over the going-ons. Make sure that they follow health and safety regulations at all times.
  • Let your staff assist with the move but ask them to try their best to keep of the removal specialists’ ways.
  • If you do not have the means to take care of important documents, make sure they are put away somewhere safe. If you are disposing off old files, make sure they are shredded before being thrown away.
  • Ensure that everyone has easy access to toilets and the kitchen. Order refreshments for all the people on the job.
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